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Sake (Nihonshu), King of Liquor(so I think), the glory of Japan.

What is Sake (or Nihonshu)?

tokkuri and ochoko

Sake is brewed with rice, water, and malted rice.

The rice for brewing Sake is different from the rice to eat. It is rich in starch.

Water which is good for Sake is soft water. Mineral water is still used in many brewers.

Malted rice is one of the secret of Sake. It changes the starch of rice to glucose, and the yeast changes glucose to alchol.

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How can YOU drink Sake (or Nihonshu)?

sashimi and masuzake

It is easy to buy or drink sake if you are in Japan. You can find any drugstore, sakaya-san(sake shop), or izakaya easily.

But, you should ask for a guide if you come to Japan to travel for a moment.

It's difficult to find a good store or kiosk at short time.

Unfortunately, the level of the shop varies considerably.

It is important to obtain a lot of information, like any other things.

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