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Please let me introduce the haiku (short poetry of Japan) of SANTOKA to you with my original illustrations.

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Haiku update

(Harukaze no hachinoko hitotsu)
One bowl for mendicancy is put,
while blowing the spring breeze softly.


(Fukuro wa fukuro de
watashi wa watashi de nemurenai)
The owl can't sleep.
I can't sleep.
Because each reason exists.


(Samui kumo ga isogu)
The clouds run in a hurry,
in the cold winter sky.


(Horohoro youte konoha furu)
I am tipsy feeling 'horohoro',
while leaves are falling around me.


SANTOKA's life


His real name is SHOICHI TANEDA.
He was born in 1882 as a eldest son of a great landowner in Bofu City of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.
His mother was dead throwing herself into the well in his childfood and his father lived a very dissipated life. He drank very much in collage, and his marriage with Sakino who came of a good family didn't change the bad habit.
He and his father ate out their house and home.
He and his family went to Kumamoto City, and opened a second-hand bookstore named as "GARAKUTA".
But he coudn't settle himself to his work and caused a lots of sensation in drink.
One day, he drank deeply and stopped a streetcar. He was taken to a temple by someone, and he became a priest. He settled down to Ajitori Kannondo temple for a while, but he started his wandering life without saying anything to his family.
He walked around almost all over japan. He was dead suddenly at "Isso An" in Matsuyama City of Ehime Prefecture in 1940 at the age of 58.
He gave his Haiku friends trouble oftenly in drink, however, his friends loved him because he composed a quite few of wonderful Haiku poem.
The style of his Haiku is very unique. The words and rhythm used in his Haiku is NOT in conventional pattern.

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