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Please let me show you the collection of the haiku (short poetry of Japan) of SANTOKA from among those already introduced in my site.

The collection of Haiku

(Wakeittemo wakeittemo aoi yama)
Walking in and walking in
to the fresh green mountains.


(Furusato wa tohku site ki no me)
Have been far from my hometown,
trees around me are in bud.


(Ichi wa kite nakanai tori dearu)
A bird came in front of me,
keeping his silence.


(Karekitta kawa wo wataru)
Wade across the river,
which ran dry perfectly.


(Kumo wa ami haru watashi wa watashi wo koutei suru)
The spider is building his web hard,
I affirm myself similarly.


(Seishi no nakano yuki furishikiru)
It is snowing heavily
on my life and destiny.

(Nani wo motomeru kaze no naka yuku)
What do I seek and where do I go?
Inquiring and walking in the wind.

(Enten wo itadaite koiaruku)
Walking and begging,
thanking the burning sun.

(Massugu na michi de samishii)
Only a straight road is in front of me,
it makes me lonely.

(Mizu ni kage aru tabibito dearu)
My figure is reflected in the waters,
as a wanderer.

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