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T-Square FAQ.
update 1997/Mar/02.

(1) Why does the "B.C.A.D." album jacket cover open in a reverse direction?

Has anyone noticed anything awkward about the jacket cover of "B.C.A.D."?
Yes, in fact, this CD case and jacket booklet open in a reverse direction, from right to left in this special case. Ever since the release of this album, I have been obsessed with this "jacket mystery." But now, thanks to the B.C.A.D. concert staff, I have the answer to this ever-bothering question.

The concept is rather simple. If the jacket were to bear a normal cover, some of the figures on the pictures would get "cut-off" by the edge of the jacket. The pictures taken in Egypt were somewhat panoramic, and looked better in a reversed fashion. Simply put, pictures would not look as great as it should if the jacket did not open in a reverse direction.

(2) How did the group change its name?

I get A LOT of questions concerning the group's name. So here it is.

The group used to go by the name "THE SQUARE" but recently has changed its name to T-SQUARE. Well, maybe not recently, but it happened in 1988 when the group first released its album and had a tour in the United States. The reason is rather simple:

1) In the United States, a band named "THE SQUARE" already existed before them.
2) For promotional reasons, they suddenly decided that "T-SQUARE" could mean the ever famous Times Square of the New York City.

Interestingly enough, during the "Yes, No" live tour after the New York live, Hirotaka Izumi (kb) specifically mentions that the group has "changed its group name to T-SQUARE and will be releasing all future albums under the name T-SQUARE." He continued on to make a Japanese joke out of the new name "T-SQUARE." It's somewhat hard to understand in English, but here is the joke:

1) The change from THE SQUARE to T-SQUARE is not a significant change because the only difference is the "HE" from the word "THE" (etymologically).
2) Coincidentally, there exists a word in Japanese that is spelled (or pronounced) "HE" which means "fart" in English. (sorry for the inappropriate language)
3) So, he says that "the group will do its best without smelling too bad with the new name."
4) Get it?

As promised, the next new album "WAVE" was released under the name T-SQUARE.

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Special thanks to Y.Takemura (traslate japanese to english).