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I'd like to present some Java Applets and QuickTime movies regarding on physics here. Please enjoy them.

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Java Applets of simulations on physics

You can try some applets of simulations on phisics here. These are very easy to use just like toys. Let's enjoy them.
Click the Figure.

Docking with a space station
Moon landing

Simulations of two-source interference pattern

You can get some QuickTime movies of two-sorce interference pattern here. These movies were calculated with Mathematica and compressed into zip files. After expanding by Zipit(for Mac) or Winzip(for Windows), you can see the movies with Movieplayer. These movies are periodic, so it is better to set the option of Movieplayer loop.
Click the Figure.

Simulations of Doppler effect

You can get some QuickTime movies of Doppler effect here. These movies are calculated with Mathematica on Macintosh.
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