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Updated: May 19, 2002 (Japanese) (Top)

Event Report

Fukuyama Rose Festival (May 18-19, 2002)

Local Idols Come Together (17:00 on May 18, 2002)

There was Hiroshima FM broadcasting exhibition recording at the stage in Fukuyama Central Park (19:00 on May 26 on air). Perfume performed first.
I saw this (below) long ago. ("Super Jet Shoes"?)

(below) "OMAJINAI * PERORI". I did "postures" at the time of the interlude, because it was suggested by Perfume's members. I did it before, but I could not work out.

(below) This is the music which I saw first time.

(below) Some members of 'Sun Flower', too many members, so all the members could not be in the photo. Probably, it is when there was a happening and it become into talk.
(left) 'Brand New World'
(below) ZoDiac. I think I saw them every time. I was seeing them from this position because the rain became quite heavy. So the photo is not good.

I bought it because they were selling CDs of 'OMAJINAI * PERORI' after the stage in the rain. (I do not use the photo because it is not good.) Also I got the autograph. I thought that I would not have a chance today, but I did have it. It was happy because I made the seals at this time (I thought it is not popular now) and I could be hand out them. Also I bought the 'Odore! Taiyaki-kun' because the members of 'Tai Pri' were selling the CDs, and because I thought it was rudeness if they were kindly selling and I did not buy it, and because I wanted it (I got the autograph too). Take it easy because I bought two 'OMAJINAI * PERORI's today. Today's last, I also waved in farewell. After that, the members of 'Tai Pri' were still there, but, excuse me, I left there.
Sun Flower Brand New World

Motomachi Music Festival (12:00 on May 19, 2002)

(Fuku No Yama Shrine Music Festival?) Today, there was a stage in the shrine (is it? unknown) and there was Perfume's stage after a Japenese drums performance.
(below) Again it is a scene of a kind of a drama (?) This in not the recent one, but I had seen before some times.

(below) 'OMAJINAI * PERORI'. This time, I tried to take the picture they were moving, but 'A-chan' disappered.

(below) "Trouble" (?) I saw this long time ago, too.

(below) "Super Jet Shoes" (?), which was performed yesterday, too. (Because I do not remember the posture correctly, a incorrect photo may be included).

(below) This is probably the one which was performed yesterday.

(below) At this time, a kind of drama (?) again. It was slightly different from the recent one.

(below) It is the second time of 'OMAJINAI * PERORI'. Because they said to us that we would do the "posture" at the time of interlude, again, I did, but not well.

After this, there was nothing. Today, it did not rain during the stage. Also yesterday, it did not rain during Perfume's, but it began to rain in the way, it was a pity it rained too heavily when selling CDs after the show. And so that the photo was not good. Today, I was in the very front. It was very exciting. 'Notch' cheering group (?) gathered behind me. I was shy with surrounded by such girls. By the way, will there be an event?
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