The Temples rememberd in connection with Prince Shotoku


Many old temples are connected with Prince Shotoku.

According to the Nihon-shoki(oldest history book written in Japan), Koryu-ji Temple was fouded in AD 622 by Hata-no-Kawakatsu for the repose of the soul of Prince Shotoku of Uzumasa. It was sacred to the Buddha statue which was given to him from Prince Shotoku.

It is one of Japan's oldest temples and although the main hall was reconstructed in AD 1165 ,most of the Buddha statues it houses were carved in the 7th and 8th centuries.

MIROKU BOSATSU(Maitreya-bodhisattva),
known as Hokan Miroku.Koryu-ji
[Asuka Period]

First Day of Issue,Miroku Bosatsu
(March 16,1981)


1st National treasure series,Miroku Bosatsu
(November 1,1967)


Scenic Post Mark,Kyoto-uzumasaichinoi;Kyoto-katsuragahara;Kyoto-uzumasasujaku


A Miroku Bosatsu,said to be as beautiful as an image of the Virgin Mary,and what remains of the oldest embroidery in Japan,a Mandala banner depicting Paradise,designed by four painters and made by female servants at the request of Princess Tachibana-no-Oiratsume after Prince Shotoku's death,are in Chugu-ji Temple.This temple was constracted by Prince Shotoku after the death of his mother,Empress Hashihito,for the repose of her soul.

The original palace,however,was to the east of the present site of the Chugu-ji Temple.The temple was restored by the nun Shinnyo in the 1200s.

known as Sokei Miroku.Chugu-ji
[Asuka Period]

Ordinary postage stamp,booklet pane,Miroku Bosatsu
(March 10,1976)


Ordinary postage stamp,Miroku Bosatsu
(June 20,1952;December 26,1966;July 1,1967)


According to the Nihon-shoki,in 587, Prince Shotoku sweared to build Shitenno-ji when he joined in forces which was organized by the Soga to overthrow the Mononobe.

Shitenno-ji Temple was fouded in AD 593 by Prince Shotoku in Naniwa(Osaka). The temple predates even Horyu-ji Temple,which has a similar layout,and its buildings represents Japan's oldest style of temple construction,now known as the Shitenno-ji style. Unfortunately,none of the original buildings remain and the Main Hall,Kondo, Kodo,the Five-storied Pagoda and other buildings are all post-war reconstructions.

According to the survey of excavation,it seems that it was founded in the first half of 7th century.

Scenic Post Mark,Osaka-shitennoji;Tennoji


According to the Nihon-shoki,Prince Shotoku have given lessons in Shoman-gyo Sutra and Hoke-kyo Sutra to Emperor Suiko,so she was very glad and gave paddy field in Harima(Hyogo) to him. Prince Shotoku named this place Ikaruga-so and founded a temple.

Scenic Post Mark,Taishi