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Welcome to Nori & Mari home page!

Until March 1995, we've been staying in Malaysia for two years. During the period, we had a lot of wonderful experiences and traveled many impressive places in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
In this home page, we'd like to present you some information about these countries.
Additionally we'd like to introduce our hometown SENDAI,and present some Java and quick-time movie simulations on physics.

Latest pictures of SENDAI city , MIYAGI prefecture and TOHOKU district(6,Jan.,2002)
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Takekoma shrine
Sendai illumination and Movie

We visited Malaysia in 1996 summer vacation and went up KL tower which is the highest tower in the world. If you click the picture, you can see the landscape from the observation platform. The buildings are Petronas towers which are now under construction. If the construction finish, the buildings are going to be the highest buildings in the world.


Special Feature

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