Development of the FFFTP is terminated.
This FFFTP is Oct 24,2010 version.
The update will not be done in the future.

[FFFTP screen image] FFFTP Version 1.97b [Oct 24,2010]

FTP Client software.

Tested Environments

Windows 10(64bit)(Japanese), Windows 8.1(64bit)(Japanese), Windows 7(32bit)(Japanese), Vista(32bit)(Japanese), XP(32bit)(Japanese), 2000(Japanese)


FFFTP is Free Software, which is free for all purposes.
Please see license notes.


Please mail me if you have inquiries about the programs. -> Send a mail.


Latest version.
Download this file and double click to install.

Other Downloads

No installer zip.

Source file is here.
(Japanese comments are used in the source file.)

* All programs are used at the user's own risk, and no gaurantee is made of their operation nor reparation shall be made for any adverse results.

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