Wi-Fi view & select

[Backup screen image] Wi-Fi view & select Version 0.8.1 [Sep 24, 2018]

This is Wi-Fi selecting tool.
Android application.


This is a simple application which can change connection of Wi-Fi easily.

It's shows current Wi-Fi connection and only the Wi-Fi access points which you saved password yet. You can choose Wi-Fi access point easily because Wi-Fi access points which unrelated for you (= you didn't save the password yet) are not displayed.

Each Wi-Fi access point can be recognized by a color of LED.
You can see LED color easier than you read network name.
The circle with a color on the right side of a screen shot is LED.
The color of LED is customizable.

In addition, there is a function of Wi-Fi ON/OFF switch.

Tested Environments

This is Android application.
This application was tested by following environment.
*Android 3.1 (docomo L-06C)
*Android 4.2.2 (docomo F-06E)


Wi-Fi view & select is a free ware, which is free for all purposes.


Please download from Google Play.


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